BROSSH inspection systems was founded in 2006 by Eng. Michael Geffen, as an R&D solution provider.

We are located in northern Israel and specializing in AOI manufacturer, designer and marketer of 2D and 3D automated measurement systems using the non-destructive (Non-contact) method.

In recent years, the company activity was increased significantly and today BROSSH is active in two major fields:

  • Product – BROSSH operates worldwide with a REP network.
  • Project – Manufacturer, R&D and special projects in the local market.


BROSSH provides you all the required solutions without any unnecessary extras.

To do this we are committed to improving the quality control process on the shop floor by accurate measuring optical solutions (up to level – 1 micron) to the perceived value level combined with simple operator systems, improving quality control and production output. This we do with our excellent engineering team that is committed to the principles and the company goals. We as a company believe an employee has an important part in our success and therefore must maintain a healthy work balanced environment.