PHILIPSPHILIPS produces a CT diagnostic tool, they also produce the XRAY cameras that are used inside the CT.
Brossh provided them with five inspection machines to control the line of the XRAY camera manufacturing.
Brossh installed them:

  • Four MicroVision100
  • C2D Inspection tool ( 3D inspection machine developed just for them)

The machines successfully replaced OGPs, Mikon-Nexiv and CMM systems.
We are proud that Phillips’s production lines are controlled by Brossh.


elcamElcam Medical is a world class producer of disposable medical devices and components for the OEM market.
Ten years ago Brossh installed the first MicroVision360 on the production floor, this system become the only QC tool for the StopCocks production , recently they bought the second machine.
In the last ten years Brossh help them to maintain High yield  by using a long term measurement data analyzing  for production improvement (Statistical Process Control)


Maoz producing an illuminated display panels for avionic industry.
The company faced a difficult to run a QC for hundreds of products per day , human inspectors failed to recognize missing keys or rotated keys or not a proper keys.
Brossh supply them a “Assembly Verification Machine” for automated parts verification:


Maoz CEO declared that this system Increase the yield a lot “actually we have no wrong assembly anymore”
he says.