Why Brossh - BROSSH Products competitive advantage


  • Sub-pixel measurement capabilities
  • Three-dimensional measurements in high accuracies
  • Undertake accuracy up to 1 micron
  • Measurement Solutions at 360 degrees
  • Bore measurement solutions

Fast and reliable

  • Measurement results in less than  1 second
  • Mesurment of several identical parts in one go
  • Receive unlimited measurements during a single measurement

MAD Software

  • Three models: Metrology,  Assembly verification, Defect
  • More than 80 different software tools.
  • Automatic recognition in the last position
  • Blob Analysis
  • Interfaced to Lab View and C#
  • Data collection for SPC analysis report

Cost effective, simple and friendly

  • BROSSH is the most cost effective in the market (Micro vision 100)
  • We provide you all the required solutions without any unnecessary extras
  • The simplest user interface available on the market
  • You don’t need any prior programming knowledge for application setup