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In the dental implants manufacturing business, the manufacturer knows how complex their parts are and they have perfected the manufacturing process.

but often the measurement of dental implants is done with outdated tools.

This method of manually measuring the dental implant with a comparator and other manual measuring tools is bad for your quality inspection prosses.

Measuring dental implants with regular tools requires metrology professionals and people with a lot of experience in the field.

This is very costly and time-consuming.

The MV360 Is the perfect solution for dental implants and abutment measurement.

Using our software is easy and anyone with a little bit of know-how can do it.

Measuring a abutment in 30 seconds

MV360 Measuring device for dental implants and abutments

Dental Implant measurement tool software

Abutment measurement tool software










Teaching the computer to measure Implant is easy.

There is a high count of tools so you are never limited in what you can measure.

Using the Mv360 You can measure anything you can with a regular profile-projector and some features that the profile-projector cant and automate the process.

Easy to use Dental implants measurement

Easy to use Dental implant measurement

After the computer knows how to measure the Implant it’s just a matter of a click of a button.

Anyone can measure the Implant, No experts needed.

Each measurement is recorded in an excel file with a timestamp and other variables that you can define.

This can be very useful for SPC to make your manufacturing process more lean and efficient.
Also, the Mv360 can also help perform defect inspection by scanning and “spreading” the image

Layout your dental implants and inspect for defects

Layout your dental implants and inspect for defects

The MV360 Is a highly capable machine for your inspection department.

Technical Details:

● Field of view: 24mm x  20.1mm.

● Repeatability: down to ±1  micron.

  ● Footprint : L-480mm  W-200mm H-250mm.

Or for more info visit this link.

Other applications:

additionally, Our software can be implemented on production-lines and robots.  for example, our software is used in an implant packaging robot, It recognizes the implant that the robot picked up and verifies that this is the correct implant to go in the package.