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LOG Pharma packaging

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Logpac LTD‬‏

LOG is an israeli manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging.

LOG needed a tool to Measure pill bottle of various shapes and sizes from 30mm diameter to 120mm diameter and to the height of 300mm.

And ofcourse documenting each measurement, traceability is a hot-button topic now in the medical industry.

The Machine Brossh provided LOG is a modified MV360 with a Z axis.

The machine is capable of measuring threads diameters heights and more.

The machine made the inspection process of the pill bottles much much easier.

MDT Dental

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪MDT dental‬‏

MDT dental manufactures Diamond burs for the dental industry.

There was a need for a fast, automatic and easy to use  tool to accurately inspect and measure the burs before the diamond coating was applied.

Brossh supplied MDT a MV360 Machine with a custom quick change chuck for FG burs and RA burs.

Making measuring super easy and super fast (~800 units per hour!!).

Philips Medical

Philips medical manufactures a CT diagnostic tool, The tool is a Xray camera that they use inside the CT machine.

Brossh provided Philips 5 inspection machines for the camera manufacturing line.

Successfully replacing machines like OGP, Nikon-Nexiv and other CMM systems.


Elcam Medical is a world class producer of disposable medical devices and components for the OEM market.

Ten years ago Brossh installed the first MV360 on the production floor, this system became the only QC tool for the Stopcocks production, recently they bought a second machine.

In the last ten years Brossh helped them to maintain High yield  by using a long term measurement data analyzing  for production improvement (Statistical Process Control)


AERO MAOZ- Ruggedized HMI, Display Panels, Light Solutions, NVIS Upgrades, Design & Manufacturing

Areomaoz is a manufacturer of illuminated display panels for the avionic industry

The company faced a difficulties  running  QC for hundreds of products per day , human inspectors failed to recognize missing keys or rotated keys or misplaced keys.

Brossh supplied them a Assembly Verification Machine for automated parts verification:


Maoz CEO declared that this system Increase the yield a lot “actually we have no wrong assembly anymore”
he says.